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Queen Omega announces the release of her upcoming EP Stars Align with the single Natural. A musical journey to Trinidad and Tobago. Queen Omega is one of the sweetest and most powerful voices of the Caribbean.


Known for her Reggae songs, she now presents this new project digging into her island musical roots.


Stars Alignʼs story begins under the Caribbean sunshine with Noble, a Trinidadian  sound engineer, and Queen Omega. She found in him the genius talent that she needed to create the opus ‘Made in Trinidadʼ. They linked each other through ‘music creation for the bestʼ as she said.


Noble music was the gateway for Queen to reach the new generations in Trinidad and Tobago. This project highlights Trinidad and Tobago's powerful energy to produce music, and the bridge between the old and the new, between reggae music and the new wave dancehall with Afrobeat and Soca influence.


Queen Omega realized long ago that people love songs that talked to their deepest self, and all the topics of her lyrics in this EP are about real life experiences.


This EP introduces a new side of Queen Omega, rooted into her musical origin. We invite you to discover Natural, the first single of her upcoming EP Stars Align. A romantic call to love with a sweet blend of Afrobeat and Dancehall.

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