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 Freshly back from Ghana, Danitsa strikes again with her new single in collaboration with the Nigerian singer Emiz, a summer banger that takes us on a one-way trip to Africa. “Ova” paves the way to Danitsa's upcoming album due in fall 2021. 

“Ova” is an anthem that celebrates the end of bad times. It’s a relief, a liberation of the body and the soul. “Ova” is a positive mindset that celebrates dance, love, tenderness, laugh and movement. A celebration that last from the morning till dawn. It echoes the actual overall feeling, with hopefully the end of the global pandemic in sight, and a brighter future for everyone. 

A positive revolution, that force people to free their emotions, manifests their joy while shouting together: «Bad Times are OVA». It’s a communion of soul, and people. 

It’s also a celebration between the two artists, Danitsa and Emiz, that embarks their listeners into a revolutionary positive joyful manifestation.  Unity, Communion, Freedom, Joy, and community perfectly describe “Ova”. 

It's time for everyone to get together and claim a symbiosis of spirits, movement, and energy. 

“Ova” is universal and intergenerational. The song goes with a great video that illustrates different places in Accra (streets, beaches, markets, nightclubs) during which people are living daily stolen moments of celebration. The styling creates a fusion between the cultural identity of the modern Ghana (clothes, hairstyles, accessories) and Danitsa’s universe and the merging of her cultures. 

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