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Brother Culture has been a leading figure in the UK reggae scene for the past 40 years. This anniversary collection is a retrospective of his career, from the roots of sound system culture in the UK to the bass music scene and his collaboration with The Prodigy. Brother Culture is a symbol of the UK music scene, and this album is a testament to his musical journey. From roots reggae to bass music, this collection is not only the musical journey of Brother Culture, but also the evolution of the reggae music scene in the UK. It is a symbol of the impact that Caribbean, African, and British cultures have had on the mainstream market and global culture!
Brother Culture is a unique character, to say the least. The youngest of seven children, he was born to a Nigerian father and Irish mother and has always stood out for his strength. After being stigmatized in his childhood for his mixed British and Nigerian heritage, he realized after 40 years that he has fought and suffered to become what fans now consider Brother Culture.

He is a symbol of post-colonial migration in the UK, his origins and influence, from the roots of sound system culture to the forefront of the UK bass music scene, the anniversary collection is a musical journey through 40 years of music, from the UK to its international reach.

Brother Culture's musical career began after returning from Nigeria to the UK in 1981. Brother Culture began traveling with sound systems in south London such as "Papa Channa," "Prince Rising," and "Young Enchanter," and then actively became involved in UK sound systems in 1982. Brother Culture joined the Jah Revelation Sound and within a year became one of the youngest MCs in Brixton.

At the time, "Jah Revelation Muzik" was the house sound system on which Sister Culture (his sister) was one of the most prominent MCs. Brother Culture was the host MC for Jah Revelation as they traveled throughout the UK playing private and official Twelve Tribes of Israel dances. The time spent with Jah Revelation allowed Brother Culture to be part of the 1980s sound system explosion, playing shows with sounds such as "Sir Coxsone," "Jah Shaka," "King Tafari," and "Renegade Sound."

In 1985, Brother Culture participated and performed at the Crown Prince ball on Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica, with other MCs from around the world representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel. This trip led Brother Culture to move to the United States in November 1986 and perform throughout the US with Brigadier Jerry.
It was in 1987 that Brother Culture began recording singles, his first being with the Progressive Sounds label "Hip hop or it could be reggae" produced by Patrick Progressive sounds. The track became a hit on the underground circuit, and Brother Culture began working with various producers.

In the 1990s, Brother Culture continued to tour and record, releasing albums with various labels and collaborating with artists such as Aswad. He also became involved in the burgeoning bass music scene, collaborating with The Prodigy on their albums "Invaders Must Die", "Day Is The Enemy" and "No Tourist"

The 2000s saw Brother Culture continuing to tour and record, collaborating with a new generation of artists and remaining a central figure in the UK reggae scene. He also became a mentor to young artists and a vocal advocate for sound system culture.
The growth and development of Brother Culture as an independent artist has truly been nurtured through his incredible connection with Evidence Music in the early 2010s. The label took on his management and produced two of Brother Culture's best-selling albums as a solo artist with the album Code Name in 2018 (30 million streams) and 12 Lights in 2020 (10 million streams).
This 40th anniversary collection traces Brother Culture's career and includes some of his best-selling tracks, with remastered versions of these classics. The album includes his hits Jump Up Pon It (25 million streams), Supanova (15 million streams), My Selecta (2 million streams), and some of his biggest ever digitally released successes.

The partnership with Evidence Music has allowed Brother Culture to reach new heights as an artist, with the support and resources to create and release high-quality music. The success of Code Name and 12 Lights demonstrates the enduring appeal of Brother Culture's music and his ability to connect with listeners across generations.

In addition to his work with Evidence Music, Brother Culture has also been a mentor to young artists and a vocal advocate for sound system culture. His dedication to preserving and promoting this cultural movement has helped to keep it alive and thriving.
As Brother Culture celebrates his 40th anniversary as an artist, it is clear that he has made a lasting impact on the UK music scene. His unique blend of reggae, bass music, and hip hop has resonated with listeners around the world and will continue to do so for years to come. This anniversary collection is a testament to his enduring influence and a celebration of his many accomplishments as an artist.


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